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Choosing the Right CO2 Regulator and Accessories


CO2 Regulator

Keeping the proper equipment is absolutely essential to making beer properly. One of several equipment pieces you'll need is a CO2 regulator. Here is the piece that allows you to control just how much CO2 is being sent to the keg. If you don't know what you are searching for, the process might seem somewhat overwhelming, however it isn't that difficult.

CO2 Diffuser

Having the capacity to control the CO2 entering the beer is crucial to it being good to consume. Too much will result in lots of foam, and nobody likes losing beer to foam. Also, whenever there's a lot of pressure, you will find the risk of something bursting, and achieving something to tell you how much pressure is present is the foremost way to avoid something like this happening.

For those who have a regulator with a gauge, you will also be able to get the right pressure going for any type of beer. Some beers require more carbonation than others, and this could also come down to some personal taste. A gauge will allow you to set the tank to allow our just the right amount of C2 for any given beer. Then down the road you will be able to set it faster since you know where you want to buy.

Some people insist on having two gauges on the regulator because they think correctly able to see how much pressure is still in the CO2 tank. The challenge with this is that the gauge will still only tell you whether there's pressure or not. In the event the CO2 runs out the needle will suddenly drop in the lack of pressure. Generally this happens so quickly that you do not have time to do anything over it anyway.
The only exception to this particular is if you have a 20 pound or larger CO2 tank. In case you have a large tank this way, once the CO2 runs out there may be enough pressure within the tank to push more beer out from the keg. But most people don't possess a tank this big. So for some cases, a single gauge will do just fine.

If you are considering using nitrogen in your beer rather than carbonation, make sure you get a coupler that enables the regulator to be hooked up to a nitrogen tank. Many people are choosing this option as it makes a smoother beer. This way you can use the same gauges, but you will be able to use CO2 or nitrogen when needed.

Finally, make sure you get a "gauge cage" for the regulator. This is a small item that is usually made from strong wire that goes around the gauge. Gauges aren't terribly expensive to replace, but it is an amazing annoyance to perform if yours gets broken. Choosing amazed by how frequently such a thing happens and the many ways that it can occur.

By getting the best regulator with a gauge the process of setting up your beer keg will be made simpler. As well as this, adding a couple extra accessories will help you to keep your equipment in good shape. Once you have all of this and also have it set up, you'll be able to enjoy your beer without worry.

Post by co2art1 (2016-02-19 22:06)

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